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We will be opening registration on December 15th, 2023.  Classes start the week of January 15th, 2024

Welcome to online registration!

* Volunteer Fees *

To help the board run the club effectively and to keep costs down, each family must earn 5 points per session

for a 12-week class and pay $125.00 and 10 points per session for a 24-week class and pay $250.00, $25 per point.

This fee will NOT be charged at checkout and will show as pending in your account until the end of the session. 

​At the end of the session, if the parents have not earned all their points, the charge will be processed.

There will be many opportunities to earn points such as setups/takedowns, cleanings, selling raffle tickets, etc. 

One point per person per cleaning, set up, or take down, no one under 14 may move equipment.

You will be contacted by remind 101 when there is an opportunity to earn a point.  

Remind 101

Text the message @vvgy to the number (647) 931-6369 to sign up.

Age eligibility

Gymnasts must become age-eligible for their chosen class within 30 days of the class start date due to insurance regulations. Gymnasts who do not meet the age requirement of a given class will automatically be prevented from registering online. Please select a class that is age-appropriate for your child or contact the board for special circumstances. 

* Alberta Gymnastics Federation Insurance Fee *

As per VGC's registration policies and organizational bylaws, all registrants are required to purchase Alberta Gymnastics Federation insurance for the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) in accordance with the type of program they attend at Valleyview Gymnastics Club.   Fees are payable on an annual basis (June 30-July 1) and are non-refundable if the registrant doesn't continue past the first 2 weeks. 

Thank you for choosing to register at Valleyview Gymnastics Club.

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